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Everything in our store is made of Vinyl and in the USA, from flooring to furniture to lighting. We specialize in Vinyl flooring by ITtile which is Floorageous.

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You've got questions? We have answers. Below are some of your most frequently asked questions and our answers. If you don't find what you're looking for below and need more assistance, please call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243 or email us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Floorageous tiles require any additional products, like glue?

No. Floorageous's patented waffle backing supplies both cushion and structural integrity to keep each tile aligned.

What size are the Floorageous ITtiles?

HomeDecor: Slate and RawHide tiles come in 20 x 20 inch squares (50.8 x 50.8 cm).
FlexiTile: Coin and Diamond Plate come in 20.5 x 20.5 inch squares (52.10 x 52.1 cm).
Floorageous samples come in 2 x 2 inch square tiles. Floorageous samples are cut from full-sized Floorageous tiles so each sample represent the true color and texture of Floorageous tile.

How thick is the Floorageous ITtiles?

HomeDecor: Slate and RawHide tiles are 4.5mm think;
FlexiTile: Coin and Diamond Plate are 5.0mm think.

How much does each Floorageous tile weigh?

Floorageous tiles weighs approximately 4lb with Slate Texture, 3.75 Rawhide, 3.5 Coin and Diamond Plate Texture.

How do I know how many tiles to purchase?

Easy. We'll do the calculating for you. First, measure the space you want to cover. Then, visit our Floorageous tile calculator. Enter your dimensions and the calculator tells you how many tiles to order. Or, call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243 for assistance.

Is Floorageous easy to install?

Yes. Inside every box of Floorageous, you will receive step-by-step installation instructions. View or download installation instructions or watch this helpful video to see how easy it is to assemble Floorageous IT-tiles. Generally, a mat the size of an area rug takes about an hour to install and wall-to-wall takes about 4 hours with a friend.

How does Floorageous stay in place?

Floorageous is engineered to stay in place with suction that the underside creates.  

Is Floorageous easy to clean?

Yes. Since your Floorageous Floor is below your feet, it is prone to dirt and traffic that comes from everyday life. Floorageous ITtile can be easily cleaned from this day-to-day wear using traditional vacuuming methods or a damp mop. If you have a Swiffer, they'll work great on your Floorageous ITtile.

For general spills, first blot with a dry absorbent cloth, then damp cloth. If liquid sits on the floor for an extended time (example: flood), lift tiles and dry your tiles thoroughly before replacing them.

See how easy it is to clean, replace or refresh your Floorageous design.

What is Floorageous made of?

Most Floorageous tiles are made of recycled vinyl. A majority of the darker colors come from the outside plastic casing of copper wire. Which is why Floorageous ITtile is such a great insulator. The recycling efforts that we embark on are ultimately for a larger cause – Eco Green Living. To learn more about how you can recycle your Floorageous IT-tile, please call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243 for details on Floorageous' Return & Recycle Program.

What is the recycled content of Floorageous?

Floorageous tiles have varying degrees of recycled content. All Floorageous ITtile are 100% recyclable. For specifications on a where to recycle, visit Floorageous.com or call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243.

Can Floorageous be installed anywhere?

Floorageous can be installed in virtually any indoor area that has a clean, hard, dry surface; Even if cracked, Floorageous can be installed on top. Floorageous may be difficult to install over padding or short loop carpeting. Floorageous may be installed over smooth, fully-cured (minimum of 90 days) concrete floors. To seal concrete surfaces, use a non-solvent based sealer (from your local hardware store or home improvement center). Let the surface dry completely before installing Floorageous ITtiles. If your room has an unfinished, waxed, vintage varnish, or solvent sealed floor, Floorageous is good to go. If you're unsure if Floorageous will work for your surface, call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243.

* Floorageous is firm, but flexible. Installation of Floorageous ITtile over a soft subfloor or existing long hair carpeting will cause the tiles to separate when weight is applied to the surface.

How soon will my Floorageous ITtile arrive?

Orders under 20 cases usually ship within 48 hours (2 business days) via FedEx (expediting shipping options available) and take, on average, 5 to 7 business days to arrive. Orders over 20 cases may take up to three weeks. For more information or to learn more about large order shipping options, please call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243.

Do you suggest any overage when ordering Floorageous?

If you are ordering for a wall-to-wall application but not using Floorageous's tile calculator, we do suggest you include a 10% overage amount to your order to cover any installation errors or back-up replacement tile needs in the future. All tiles come in batches.

Is there a minimum order required?

Floorageous ITtile are sold by the cases. There are 6 tiles in a HomeStyle case and 8 in a Flexi-Tile case.

Can I sample Floorageous?

Yes, we encourage you to sample Floorageous so you can see the colors, textures and patterns in person. Floorageous samples are available in 2" x 2" square tiles. Samples are priced US $3.00 for up to 3 samples. So, if you ordered 3 samples, the cost would be US $3.00; 6 samples would cost US $6.00. We do have a complete collection of all colors for $25.00. To order call Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243 or visit Floorageous' Sample Section. Samples generally arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Can Floorageous work for a bathroom or kitchen, or an area that often gets moisture?

Yes, Floorageous ITtiles works great for bathrooms and kitchens - virtually any room in your house. Humidity, moisture and spills on the face of the tile should not affect performance. However, Floorageous is not made from wicking or "breathable" material. So, if Floorageous gets substantially wet or saturated, water may become trapped underneath. The simple solution is to remove Floorageous tiles and allow them to air dry completely before replacing them. Normal bathroom moisture, splashing, wet towels, etc. are fine.

What happens if Floorageous gets really wet?

Simply pull up the tiles and allow it to dry completely before replacing. Any moisture that permeates the tiles could ruin the floors underneath and leave a watermark, so we recommend removing tiles and replacing only when they are completely dried.

What cleaning products do you recommend?

We recommend any gentle detergent, vinerger and water also works.(1/4 cup of vinegar in a gallon of water) For details, call Floorageous Customer Care at 1.877.677.7243.

Can I get Floorageous ITtile at a retail store near me?

Currently we only have one retail store in Phoexix, Arizana. Very soon their will be a new store in Seattle, WA and late in 2018, San Fransisco. CA.

Does Floorageous provide any sound insulation?

Yes. Floorageous does provide a level of sound insulation. We us an insulation property that is measured using an "R value" (the R value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry). Floorageous ITtiles products have an R value ranging around 2.0. You will find our tiles in home and professional studios all over the US and Europe.

Who does the photography for GoRageous?

Most of our images come from Markers In Motion Web an customers who have sent them in.